Our Mission

As a family-owned company, OGI Process Equipment is dedicated to manufacturing the best, most energy-efficient heating systems for the oil, gas, and industrial markets. This dedication extends to the customers we serve every day, and also to the nearly 100 employees behind our brands.

We will engineer, design, and build the highest efficiency, highest quality fired process equipment using the most innovative thinking. We will continually improve our products and performance through listening, understanding, and connecting with our customers and stakeholders. We will work safely and competently, be healthy and happy, and contribute individually and as a whole to the profitability, growth, and well-being of the business.

Our Core Values

  • Employees:
  • We value our employees and consistently strive to be an employer where individuals are recognized and rewarded.
  • We demonstrate the highest level of respect to every employee, at all times.
  • We are committed to maintaining a safe working environment for all employees through our innovative One Person at a Time program.
  • We understand that growth and prosperity are instrumental to our ability to provide a good work environment, competitive wages and benefits, and employment security.
  • Customers:
  • We value our customers and work diligently to be "their preferred supplier" through exceptional product quality, superior customer service, and innovative technology.
  • We are committed to surpassing our customers' expectations by listening to and understanding their goals, allowing us to create solutions in a timely and economical way.
  • We are dedicated to employing continuous process improvement and leading-edge technology to enable us to consistently meet project deadlines and quality standards.
  • Integrity:
  • We demonstrate the highest level of integrity and ethics in every aspect of our work.
  • We take responsibility to do the right thing for our customers, employees, the environment, and the communities in which we live and work.

Safety – One Person at a Time

  • OGI believes in the health and safety of the individual, both on the job and off the job. Through our One Person at a Time (OPT) for Safety continuous improvement health and safety program, we help our employees place the highest importance on whole-life well-being for themselves and their fellow team members. By building our health and safety program starting with each individual, we create a company-wide culture that values, seeks, and promotes a long-term focus on safety... One Person at a Time.
  • OGI employees, contractors, and customers are all safety stakeholders in our business. In addition to the internal focus in the OPT program, we expect our contractors and customers to share those values and to put personal safety for employees, situational safety for job sites, and operational safety for facilities at the highest priority level. Together, we continue to build an industry-wide culture that values, seeks, and promotes a long-term focus on safety... One Person at a Time.
  • OGI believes in building a strong community through the culture of safety. As we increase our levels of interdependence throughout organizations, the manner in which we develop that culture of safety strengthens the way we conduct our business... One Person at a Time.
  • Through this culture of safety, OGI can impact the world... One Person at a Time.

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